Birth of a New MOVEMENT


 A NEW way to think of FASHION. Designer Xo Mal1 has partnered with Starlight Projects to create a "movement" in Art, Fashion, Home Decor, and so much more, based on the X-Pression of SELF. Fluctuating Fashion will be available soon Global Launch is in process.

 HOPI Water Project is helping bring worldwide solutions to the growing shortage and contamination problem on the Native American HOPI Lands through various programs and projects.


 High Energy Entertainment

 Empowering today's youth to seek cultural ties to their communities and share across multi-media platforms.

 Variety of Youth Empowerment Programs including Cause Advocacy

Graphic Design. Marketing and Printing...
YES! We can do that.
Bridging the gap between our next generations of traditional Hopi Native American Farmers. Preserving cultural heritage and spiritual directives.

A Native American based Spiritual Retreat and Healing Center.