Water Project Hotline

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Krystaline Sakwanomtewa
Project Director


Water is LIfe!

 This project is about so much more than just the water. Water is in everything. It is everywhere. Most of our physical body consists of water. And part of the problems arising from the water is the inability to self-grow food. A virtual Food Desert has been created as a result of the water problems, thereby leaving behind other problems like malnutrition, obesity, diabetes, birth defects, ill health, and overall shortened longevity. This way of life is NOT in harmony with the Creator.

 Starlight Projects NFP has committed to the HOPI Water Project on the HOPI Native American Reservation in order to remediate the water contamination problem (Uranium and Arsenic). We choose “Water” because “Water is Life”. Without water, we have nothing, and everyone and everything dies. At the current time, the water is “dead”. It is our belief that water is alive, and carries  a “program” to nourish us and heal us. When the water is alive it produces life and creates growth and unity in our consciousness as a people. At the current time our water is dead, it is contaminated with Arsenic and Uranium and the spirit of the water is dormant, weak, and dying. Kirlian photography and study by Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto has shown how the spirit of the water changes with treatment and prayer. (See Pics Below)

Note: Pictures are Water Crystals.
Left: Before Prayer  Right: After Prayer


 In order to remediate the water problem we have devised, along with the help of brilliant volunteer scientists, a method, not of purification via the traditional “Filter” everyone offers as a band-aid solution, but instead a more permanent solution that combines modern technology with our traditional spiritual methods and ancient technologies as well.

Hita’nangwa Production Plant allows us to build and accomplish this method, and the goal is to reproduce this project into other areas and native lands in a cultural exchange for the betterment of all people. The Word Hita’nangwa in Hopi language means to take initiative to take care of something without being asked, instructed, or reminded.

 Once accomplished, the water will once again be reminded of its original “program” to heal and nourish, instead of killing us as it is now. We are experiencing an overwhelming amount of birth defects and miscarriages, in addition to SIDS and other diseases that plague us such as Diabetes and Cancer. According to our tribal spiritual leaders all of this is attributed to the “Dead” water we are ingesting. And the spirit of the water must be restored in order for us to live and survive as people.

 Sumi’nangwa Learning Center is a project that will enable us to impart this sacred and spiritual knowledge of the Hopi Way of Life to our youth before we lose ourselves in modern ways and completely forget our traditions, spirituality, and language. More than 70% of all children on the Hopi Land and Native American Indian Reservation have English as their ONLY language, and never learn Hopi. We plan to help aid this transition of the language through various learning initiatives like an interactive coloring/activity book and a mobile device AP that can be downloaded for free and help teach our kids Hopi language. ​The word Sumi’nangwa in Hopi language means to Pray with One Heart.