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 An In-Kind Donation is when you donate things like goods, furniture, services, vehicles,time, etc. We accept in-kind donations and provide a tax-deductible receipt for the approximated value of the donation to our charity. In the case of time donated/volunteered we offer letters of recognition and community service credits. You can make an IN-KIND DONATION by Shopping through Amazon Smile or Good360 above ;-)

 When you donate a vehicle to our charity, running or not, there are two different ways of placing value on your donation. If the vehicle is to be used by our charity, then the maximum allowable value for such vehicle will be listed on the tax-deductible receipt. In the event the vehicle will be sold to raise funds for our charity, if the vehicle is worth $500.00 USD or less, then a donation receipt will be issued for $500.00 donation value. If the vehicle donated sells for more than $500.00, then the actual amount of sale shall be represented in the tax-deductible receipt.

 As a non-profit agency, we rely solely on private and public donations so that our services can be FREE to those who need them. We are attempting a self-sustaining model, in which we fund our programs with the proceeds of items for sale in our Fundraising Shoppe, usually crafted by those same individuals attending the program, in order to "give back: and keep the cycle of giving going in a circle. We take what we need, and give back what we don't. 100% of all profits from products sold on this website go to charity to help fund our many community programs and causes.