U-Print Project is about SO MUCH MORE than color digital printing. U-Print is an expression of Art, Marketing and Business Promotional Services. We are not a "Copy Shop", instead we are in a different category. We specialize in assessing your CURRENT business needs, and put together a strategy, plan, and promotional campaign to enable you to maximize on the potential branding of your services or products. Find out what your niche is... and that can lead to riches.

 Being in business is hard.


 Being good at what you do is easy, but making it succeed on the market is another task all together. It is the reason ANY successful entrepreneur in any field, be it the medical field, restaurant, insurance, real estate, retail, art market, and even acting and modeling, have a professional consultant (agent) work on their behalf by giving them advice (which is consulting) and steering them in the right direction. How can this be done? By thinking of the business as a PRODUCT or BRAND. Even a celebrity, person, or professional (Doctor, Plumber, Engineer, Tech, Chef, Writer, Artist) is a Product or Brand. So while you (as a business owner/entrepreneur) might be excellent at what you do best (run your business), you might not be the best person to design your Marketing Plan/Strategy.


 U-Print Project was built with EDUCATION IN MIND. Our aim is to bring the expertise of VOLUNTEER professionals in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Design, and Management, all together to deliver this knowledge, worth thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars... ALL FREE! Thanks to Starlight Projects Foundation.

 Starlight lends the foundation of resources and networking, the leadership and administration to this project in order to achieve these goals of helping local neighborhood businesses by giving them access to this knowledge base. In doing so, Starlight Projects is enabling the average entrepreneur that normally would not be able to afford marketing, much less a strategy a fighting chance. Although we do not hold a magic want that turns everything we touch into gold... We at least set you up to have the best fighting chance to compete to make it. Not just survive and stay afloat. And the best way to do that is NOT to do everything for you, but to guide you in the right direction and TEACH you these strategies, so that you may take advantage of them and hopefully pay it forward one day ;-) and Share with others that might be in need.

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 EDUCATION IS THE KEY! We have different ways we are able to engage you in our Marketing/Strategy Programs. Through Starlight Projects Foundation and Krystaline Visions we are able to offer FREE Workshops and Seminars open to any and all Entrepreneurs of all occupations and professions. Many plans work under universal principles of marketing and promotion, while other's require a more personalized evaluation and involvement. Either way we can help. Stay up-to-date on our Facebook Page ( or sign-up to our mailing list to register for upcoming classes for FREE.

 Locations of Workshops, Seminars, and Trainings varies from town to town, and most of the time we try to schedule at local businesses in order to promote networking and awareness. We also commonly host classes at local Chamber of Commerce and Public Halls or Libraries or Educational Institutions for convenience of our attendees. We are also currently developing a website enabled learning environment we hope to release soon to our members.

 Learning to collaborate and take in the information, input, and advice given, to use and implement into your own venture is a talent that is earned by being learned. LEARNING from others success stories and failures will help you develop your own style, while staying keenly aware of your surroundings. You must not only be willing to EARN money, you have to LEARN how to make a winning recipe that works for YOU and not only make it happen... Learn how to keep it going long term.


 In the past we have hosted festivals and events where we simulated a conference with a multitude of places to go and learn something new from many professionals under one roof was successful. On our feedback cards we have had many that asked for a more intimate setting, with a limited number of attendees, and a more condensed line-up of targeted professionals (and favorites) to come and share a weekend 'Retreat' at a resort, ranch, or special place. We are developing this idea and hope to bring you a retreat style seminar very soon. Stay tuned more updates!