Founded by Indigenous, and Native American members, the foundation has these issues at its core, and its main purpose is to be a Social Service Agency serving the community needs of youths, families, and individuals on a local and global level. 
The specific objectives and purpose of this organization are:

  • Tribal and Indigenous culture and spirituality
  • The creation and promotion of programs, projects and events filled with content about Health and Nutrition, Education, Victim Advocacy, Self-Empowerment Coaching, Continuing Education, Small Business Workshops, as well as Physical and Spiritual Wellness Advocacy including causes like Living with Fibromyalgia, Domestic Violence, Social Injustice, and Children's Rights, and Freedom of Traditional Indigenous expression of Spirituality and Culture including ceremonial and spiritual awareness.
  • We provide education by giving lectures, workshops, seminars, and presentations, in schools, libraries and other public venues as well as utilizing social media channels and the corporation’s website to provide facts, statistics, and other related data on causes, current efforts, and solutions.
  • To maximize our impact on current efforts, we may seek to collaborate with other non-for-profit organizations, local ongoing movements or community projects.
  • Per the discretion of the Board of Directors we may provide internships and volunteer possibilities to open, which shall provide opportunities for involvement in said activities and programs in order to have a greater impact for change .


Estrella Ranch Culture Camp

Si Se Puede! Yes We Can.



LOVE Long Beach Festival 2017

NEO Tribal: The Awakening 2017


We are one of the leading Advocates of the POLLUTION SOLUTION REVOLUTION, with the HOPI Water Project, Where overcoming Physical, Emotional and Spiritual damages are approached as one whole solution, in changing the inner self, while making a noticeable change in our physical surroundings, and overall life-style.

Through U-Print Project, another one of our Programs, we are able to help bring high quality marketing and printing, and advertising solutions, to any and all businesses that are in need, at a fraction of the cost, and sometimes even free through our community grant programs. Recently, Starlight Projects Foundation along with U-Print Project helped out the residents of Navajo County (during the Cedar Creek Wildfire) through proving help in collaboration with the American Red Cross, and The Salvation Army. 

As a non-profit agency, we rely solely on private and public donations so that our services can be FREE to those who need them, and offer a sliding scale for those who can afford to donate for our programs and project services. We use PAYPAL for your security for monetary donations to our charity through our website. You may also donate to our via Causes.org, Network for Good, Good 360, via mail and Amazon.com has agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds of any purchase made through the link on our site. We also accept In-Kind donations of Space, Items, Services, Furniture and Vehicles in order to help us fund-raise to financially support or projects to the public. You can also help support our causes, projects and programs by shopping on our website since we receive all proceeds from the sales of any items. You may also donate to us via crowd-funding, Indie GOGO, and Fundrazr.

Other Ways to DONATE ;-)


Return to Life! Takes the reader on a journey in search for this inner truth, to find and remember who we are, and who we are meant to be.

Author Krystaline's Vision is to empower each individual to shape their own destiny and activate their inner strength, by the power of perception.


The purpose of U-Print Project is to create a model that may be emulated nationwide, in order to provide top quality, professional full color printing and marketing services at a low/affordable cost to small business owners; and sometimes even free! (for those who qualify under our community grant program). 
We are losing our HOPI Native American mother tongue rapidly among our people rapidly. More rapidly than we can institute a curricular change in the public school system. Stopping progress is not the answer. How about instead, we embrace the social media revolution and embrace the technological progress that seems to be growing exponentially on its own and reflect on those as part of our teachings. 

A new Hopi Language Application called “Kyaaro” (Hopi word for Parrot) promises to do just that. Developers in Houston, TX are working with Starlight Projects in order to develop a cell phone app, that may later be adjusted for PC that will help you learn and practice your Hopi Language. Complete with differentiation between “Male” and “Female” language expressions (Hopi native tongue is gender specific), pronunciation guide with sound files, complete glossary and dictionary with references, and conversational phrases. We hope to be able to release Kyaaro with a basic release that we will keep expanding, perhaps by adding expansion packs to include new lessons, and age-specific phrases or commands.

HOPI Water Project is helping bring worldwide solutions to the growing shortage and contamination problem on the Native American HOPI Tribe Reservation. It is collaboration of some of the world's finest Native American Elders, Tribal Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, Activists, Advocates, Educators, Public Service Officials, Social Workers, and Scientists to bring about TANGIBLE and REAL solutions to the dire and growing problem of water shortage and contamination on the Native American HOPI Tribal Reservation. 

Our goal is also to re-institute the HOPI traditional ways of farming, and thereby return people to their fields to once again be self-sufficient.

MAGESTIC WOLF CREATIONS - We are a team, Magestic and Medicene Wolf, devoted to the Creator of all that is here to help heal Ourselves, our Brothers and Sisters and Mother Earth. We listen and follow the guidance of Great Spirit in the best way we know how. We present a list of the skills and gifts we have to offer, and we share openly the knowledge that has been gathered in our Spiritual Journey. Also Visit us on FB http://www.facebook.com/MagesticWolfCreations or call 707.599.3172 for any special orders or custom requests.


Belief, and the Leap to Faith: NOT one and the same 

I have had recent events in my life happen, that did not shake my Faith, but merely strengthened it; while I saw the same exact events unfold in the eyes of others, and leave their Beliefs shaken... Leading me to the contemplation that BELIEF and FAITH are two different things, and then it reminded me of reading the Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard whom contemplated this very subject; so why re-invent the wheel?

What is the "leap of faith" according to the Philosopher Kierkegaard?

Soren Kierkegaard's (who coined the phrase) philosophy on Leap of Faith is rooted in the distinction between Belief and Faith. This philosopher argued the merit of faith in God. In fact, he asserted that life is only worth living if you have total FAITH in God. According to Kierkegaard, BELIEF is reserved for things that can be proven by evidence. On the other hand FAITH is reserved for things that lack evidence. Since he also agreed that God is beyond logic, proof, or reason, he had no trouble admitting it took a Leap of Faith to believe in God; after all lack of logic, proof or reason are the very things necessary for Faith to be FAITH.

In order to reach this kind of faith, which Kierkegaard did not deem impossible, he argued that one must be constantly busy with self-analysis and evaluation. What this statement means and implies is that rather than just going around saying I “Have Faith”, one must take a long good look at themselves. Faith is also circular, in that it takes Faith to have Faith, hence again described as a "Leap."
Interesting Factoid
Kierkegaard never used the term "Leap OF Faith", rather he describes how one can make a "Leap TO Faith."

I found the Video below a good representation of the point I've tried to make, though I am not Christian, and you might not be either... GOD or CREATOR may mean different things or come by different names, to different people. It is all relative to the one having the experience.



HOPI Water Project


Previous events

Love Long Beach Festival 2017

 —  —

Shoreline Aquatic Park, 200 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA

Join us for Casting Auditions for StarKidz TV Show, and for Ceremonial Rituals like:

Sacred Cacao Ceremony Vision Quest Tea Rainbow Fire Ceremony Ofrendando Danza Azteca

World Water Day Prayer Ceremony

 —  —

Montezuma Well, Rimrock, AZ 86335

We will gather in prayer with our Brothers and Sisters to wish Light and Love for all around the world. We wish to reverberate that message, by allowing our prayers to be carried by the water flow worldwide. We choose the Montezuma Well, as a nexus to start this chain reaction of a domino effect, as it is sacred to many tribes and people's and considered a place of "Birthing".

All you have to do is bring your best intentions.

NeoTribal Awakening 2017

 —  —

Estrella Mountain Regional Park, 14805 W Vineyard Ave, Goodyear, AZ

Come one, come all! Join us as we collaborate with the community to perform meditation and prayer for healing and unification. Immerse yourself in connecting with the elements and the spirits of those whom you bring and will be around. There will be 4 days where we'll perform ceremonies, workshops, talking circles, and community projects for us all to share the light and love! Invite your friends!

Fees: Camping overnight will be $12 daily Car parking will be $6

All other fees can be seen at the link posted for purchasing tickets.

If you'd like to attend, but cannot afford to buy a ticket... you can VOLUNTEER and be a part of the Starlight Team, please contact (1-602-644-1565) to sign-up to help.

For more information about our work and the water project, check us out here!: https://starlightprojects.org/hopi-water-project

Starlight Projects GRAND OPENING

 —  —

Mountain Spirit Co-op, 107 N CORTEZ ST, PRESCOTT

StarlightProjects.org invites you to come and join us in celebrating our new home base at Mountain Spirit Co-op, we will be serving food and refreshments.

Stop by from 2pm to 6pm on the 2nd floor. Learn about our community programs, share your ideas, and even win a free gift!

Everyone that comes gets a raffle ticket and some good vibes and conversation :-) Hope to see you there.

ALWAYS FREE Age limit: All ages

Art Walk "Open-House"

 —  —

Mountain Spirit Co-op, 107 N CORTEZ ST, PRESCOTT

Nestled in the mountains 90 miles northwest of Phoenix, Prescott is home to a multitude of artists who draw inspiration from each other and Prescott’s wonderful natural and historical surroundings.

The 4th Friday of the month offers locals and visitors a night out to mingle with these creative people, engage in great dialogues with wonderful art, share food, libations and live music and purchase new treasures for their art collection.

4th Friday Art Walk brochures are available at participating galleries, the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce and over 70 Brochure Works racks located in hotels, golf course lobbies and more.

FREE Age limit: All ages



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