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Project Theme: What Does Family Mean To You?
     Starlight Projects will be hosting a very FIRST art project this year! Our theme will be, “What Does Family Mean to You?” 12 WINNERS will be selected to be featured in 2017 Starlight Projects Foundation Calendar.
“With this contest we hope to engage in a Social Experiment that will enable and prompt parents and elders to collaborate with students and translate their values of ‘What Family Means to You’ into an Artistic Expression, promoting creativity, community engagement, and family integrity.” Says Krys Shalaldeh, Executive Director; Starlight Projects Foundation.

We will be launching our Youth Art Contest July 22-23rd 2016 (at Pioneer Days), and our application deadline will be NOVEMBER 30th 2016. ART submission will be due up to 30 days after the Entry Form has been submitted.
Three (3) Winners of each category (Total 12):

Pre-K to 3rd    
MIDDLE: Grades 4th - 6th
JUNIOR: Grades 7th - 8th
HIGH SCHOOL: 9th - 12th
*We will not be accepting artwork that are 3D products, sculptures, or smear-worthy. We will be scanning all artworks and don’t want to potentially ruin your work or our equipment.
Mediums Accepted (In Any Color):
  1. Crayon
  2. Pencil (Lead or Colored)
  3. Pen (Any Color)
  4. Oil Paint (Cured)
  5. Tempera (Dry)
  6. Markers (Felt/Tip)
  7. Acrylic Paint
  8. Watercolor
  9. Charcoal PENCIL
  10. Any Mix/Combination

  1. Must be total original! All entries must be submitted on 8.5’’ x 11’’ white paper (Single Sided). 
  2. Artworks may be Drawing Sketch, Painting.
  3. Student must take picture with their artwork AND (ETN) Entry Tracking Number.
  4. If your child is more developed in their artwork for their age, we need photo, and/or video to prove.
  5. Updates/placements will be updated on the Website (StarlightProjects.org), Facebook (@StarlightProjects.org) and sent to the contestants via emails provided in forms.
  6. Artwork will no longer be accepted after the due date September 30th 2016.
  7. ALL forms must be completed to have your work be fully eligible for our Calendar Contest.
  8. Plagiarism or taking someone else’s artwork will result in automatic drop and disqualification.
  9. We are an equal opportunity foundation & encourage all grades and students to participate.
  10. We have ZERO tolerance to bullying of another’s work or anything relating to a contestant.
  11. All entries must include Student’s Legal name, age, grade, and birthdate.
  12. Students may not receive outside help from teachers, students, parents, or siblings.