Say Hello To TAKA

 TAKA is the Arabic word for 'Pure Energy' and is the culmination of many trials and alchemy of ALL NATURAL and ANCESTRAL Medicinal Ingredients being brought together in harmony and balance to create a Beautiful HEALING Symphony of a Drink Elixir.  TAKA was created with you in mind. Filled to the brim with antioxidants, superfoods, natural energy, and delicious flavor, TAKA helps you have lasting,natural energy, all day long. 

TURMERIC supports brain health and mental clarity helping to increase your focus and productivity. 

POMEGRANATE JUICE contains powerful antioxidants that help your body function properly. 

HIBISCUS tastes great and it helps your body feel great! Hibiscus supports a healthy immune system, regulates overall mood, blood pressure, and gut health. Has been known to help with gout pain by flushing out the body. 

BLUEBERRIES contain natural fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and healthy phytonutrients like anthocyanin. 

ALOE VERA is considered Nature’s Miracle Plant. It contains hundreds of micro nutrients that support a healthy immune system. 

RHODIOLA ROSEA is a natural adaptogen that helps the body combat the negative effects of stress. Rhodiola also supports heart health and bolsters the immune system. 

IONIC MINERALS support healthy cellular connectivity and balance. They are the OS (operating system) for a healthy body! 

FUCOIDAN is a nutritious form of brown algae that is rich in nutrients called polysaccharides. They support a healthy immune system.