High Energy Entertainment

To GALACTIVATE: To Activate in the Galactic sense. When we are activated with infinite LOVE, we become GALACTIVATED.

Intergalactic StarWalkers: MC Christa Galactica and St. Joseph ‘Narkatta’, intend to 'GALACTIVATE' every being on Earth by bridging the connection between Humans and the Stars (The Spiritual/Source) through the medicine of Sound Healing and Dance. Our frequency-specific music productions are geared towards subconsciously, and consciously, activating humanity as a whole.

GALACTIVATORS use specific sonic techniques, along with freestyle vocal channeling that triggers our bodies’ own self-healing processes through the art of dance, and radical inclusion.

We are currently creating a Hip Hop album where each track will awaken specific Chakra Centers in the human body. Our sound healing encourages all to live inter-dimensionally and to transmute earthly emotions into a productive and GALACTIVATED lifestyle as one planet.

Our goal is to visually and sonically transmute all fear and suffering on Earth to facilitate the JOURNEY WITHING ONESELF  to find the codes for self-healing. We embody Source Energy, the Physical and non-physical Energy that holds all the Universe together; through Music and Art.

Our Music Productions are a combination of Funk, Hip Hop, elements of Jazz, Dance Electronica, and World Music, with Freestyle invocations and Performance Art.