The Book of Ruth - Confucius - Emerson - SMACK DOWN!

I was recently doing research, and in my readings found profound answers to some pretty tough questions posed. It became a paper, and here it is... enjoy!


Based on the readings from Confucius and the Book of Ruth, how would

Feeling Kinda Blah!

WRITTEN BY UNITY (Ruth Carter) -------------------------  
I have been feeling just kinda blah today remember julie dunbar the one that has colon cancer? she went out for her surgery and has had nothing but trouble. look she was suppose to…

Why do We Tell Ourselves Lies?

In a recent social experiment, i have encountered what I have come to call the "Selective Amnesia" factor.

This factor by definition seems to be understood as self-evident, but indeed beneath the lies and cover-ups, there seems to lie a …

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INTRODUCTION TO MY BOOK... (Special Sneak Peak!)

To start, I must say, that I commend you for having the courage to admit to yourself, even the minute possibility that these humble writings might in some way help you. Often times,…